Hamlet  Llukaj

Hamlet Llukaj

Sales Representative & Broker

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When I chose to bring my family to live here in Toronto, it was hard to get a job or an apartment for rent.

I quickly found that all potential employers wanted me to have Canadian experience, and all landlords wanted me to have good credit or a cosigner. Being a new citizen to Canada, I didn't have those.

I was driven to start my new life however; I found employment and began started working for Dino’s Movers (though I had enough education to be a mechanical engineer, which was my job in Albania). I really didn’t mind working for Dino’s Movers, as any work is respectful work and I had a family to support.

Working as a mover, I realized how many people were moving into houses daily, and that many of them were new to Canada. I saw this as an opportunity to help educate newcomers to the basics of the Canadian housing market, so they would be able to rent apartments, to lease or own a house or condo.

With so many people with similar experiences to mine, I knew I could provide my personal experience and insight so that they too don’t have to go through the same experience that I did.


I would like to help people by formulating clauses that can help protect them when the buy, sell, or lease property. I would also like to help other people by providing information on how the housing market is going, whether it’s a buyer’s market or a seller’s market, and to help take the stress of the process out of the situation so that your experience can be smooth and efficient.


I provide excellent service and make sure you understand the entire process, step by step.
Always Buy and Sell with Confidence! 

Education: UT Tirana, U of T, OREA Colage

Specialty: Residential, Comercial

Area Covered: Toronto, GTA

Languages Spoken: Albanian, English

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